In more than 9 years of business journey and serving various customers,
Cudo Communication focuses only to certain businesses across multiple industries and grow the applications based on below business lines

Software Solutions

Improving your business performance by customized Cudocomm’s Mobile and Web applications to suit your business process and checklist so that all stakeholder can participate in business efficiency

M2M and IOT

Industry standard 4.0 to automate process by using smart sensor and application to create unmanned, efficient, reliable and precise industry’s elements

Big Data

Get your valuable tons of data and avoid to get wasted. Those data is useful for your business analysis to improve your business performance in near future onward

Software Solutions

As main business line of Cudocomm, 'Software Solutions' division has served customers since 2010 and across industries.
From Enterprise scale like Web-based training service for Airline and Project Management platform to small application like Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

This business line only focus helping our customer in many industries to drive efficiency in its Business Lifecycle, by providing software platform that works in both web and mobile and also ready for integration to legacy applications that customer has owned. It can be connected through our Cloud Infrastructure, Customer owned Private Cloud or even On-Premise Infrastructure.

Product of this business line ranging around overall Business Lifecycle: Sales acquisition, Project Management, Operation, Maintenance, Rental service and etc.


M2M and IoT application

The world is changing and moving towards automation through M2M and IOT to ease our business process and lifestyle.

M2M and IoT have been part of our day-to-day lifecycle from the time we wake up, get coffee, drive car, entering office, meeting with clients until we rest at night.

Therefore Cudocomm helps our customer to make their ideas and dreams come into reality by providing assistance and solution to the problem.

The solution we provide is a combination between product and software (web and mobile) to make it personal, customized and taylor-made to suit to customer's business process and reports.

By having such M2M and IoT in place, machine will do the job and customer surely see the improvement in the result of their business.
Improvement can be in form of Efficiency or increase in Production rate or even in reducing potential loss.


Big Data

Huge recorded data from Cloud application or M2M/IOT application are such wasted gold mine if they are not managed properly.
Your competitor would die for it, so that they can sneak peek your business trends in order for them to prepare strategy to beat you in the business.

Therefore this huge data must be managed properly and securely.
Cudocomm with its experience in Cloud and IOT applications, can help you to make use huge data by showing you your data in an easy way so that can be understood by your employee.
This presentation is made through BI software with certain high skill in order to show precise, comprehensive and detail dashboard.

The dashboard created by Cudocomm is set specifically only to certain division/department within your company to meet their data consumption for further analysis.